Our Team

When St. Croix Tissue was formed in 2014, our team started as a small group with a big vision.  Since then, we've grown to 90 employees from all walks of life and experience levels.  We've given the local economy a boost by hiring 60% of our work force from our county's low income bracket and we are compromised of 20% women.  Our team operates under a High Performance Work System which allows employees to cross train in all areas of operations, giving individuals control of their upward mobility in the company regardless of seniority. As a result, the company enjoys a more flexible, engaged, and effective work force.  We are proud to have formed a team that works hard each day to make a product with exceptional quality in a safe environment.

The managerial team at St. Croix Tissue brings years of experience from several different backgrounds to drive a common goal of safe, quality tissue manufacturing.  Below, meet some of our management team.