St Croix Tissue, Baileyville ME


St. Croix Tissue is a new, state-of-the art tissue paper manufacturing company in Baileyville, Maine. We are located next to and supplied pulp by our sister company, Woodland Pulp LLC (see sidebar), Washington County’s largest employer.

St. Croix Tissue produces a full range of products for the growing national and international tissue markets, including paper napkins, paper towels, bathroom tissue and facial tissue. The mill’s products are sold retail under the FIORA® and Willow® brands, found in your local stores. Our two automated tissue paper manufacturing machines have the capacity to produce over 120,000 tons of tissue a year.

Tissue paper production of jumbo rolls for TM1 began in March 2016 and for TM2 in July 2016. In addition to creating approximately 90 new direct jobs, St. Croix Tissue has helped to create many indirect jobs in the area.  We are proud to have built a workforce that is 30 percent female and 60 percent coming from low income households, providing economic prospect for people in Washington County. The employees operate together as part of a high-performance work team, with opportunities for cross-training in every position from maintenance to machine operations.

Click the photo below to see Maine International Trade Center's spotlight video on our operation.


"[St. Croix Tissue] is bringing back what Maine was very, very strong in the paper industry… We’ve suffered from a lack of technology investment, and they're bringing in some of the newest technology"

Paul LePage, Then Maine Governor (as quoted in the Bangor Daily News, 3/12/14)


"In an industry where most grades of paper are facing slack demand, tissues are one of the few specialties where sales are actually climbing." 

John Williams, Maine Pulp and Paper Association President