Safety is St. Croix Tissue’s highest priority on a day-to-day basis. Through our Joint Labor-Management Safety Committee, we work to make continuous improvements, striving to attain an incident-free workplace.  All employees are encouraged to identify and communicate hazards in our facility, making the mill a safer workplace.

The safety and hygiene of visitors and contractors in our facility is equally important to that of our employees. Our contractors and visitors get the same orientation as our employees in an effort to communicate all safety information equally. 


All contractors must take our web Safety Training and will be required to sign in and out from the facility utilizing the newly implemented Sine Sofware. Click on the following link to sign up, view the safety training, and prepare for sign-in when you arrive at our facility.  For introductory information on the newly implemented Sine Software and check-in procedure, please utilize this Help Sheet.  

Contractor Safety Orientation and Sign-In Link


If you are a visitor coming to St. Croix Tissue, please review the orientation presentation and complete the online Visitor Orientation Acknowledgement form below prior to coming to St. Croix Tissue.  These will need to be completed before your first visit and annually there after. Thank you for being prepared for your visit to St. Croix Tissue.

Visitor Orientation Presentation

Visitor Orientation Acknowledgement

If you have completed the Visitor Orientation Presentation and agree to the policies listed below, please fill in the the date, your name and company information and submit as your electronic signature. This process will be required annually should you return to St. Croix Tissue after one calendar year has passed. Thank you!

    • Visitors must wear safety shoes or boots, eye protection, hearing protection and a high-visibility vest or shirt. Closed toe sturdy street shoes may be worn if the visitor will be accompanied by an SCT employee and will remain on designated walkways.
    • Will be escorted by an employee of St Croix Tissue at all times, unless alternate arrangements have been made
    • SCT is a vaping and tobacco-free site.
    • Stay on designated walkways, unless approval has been given by SCT to move freely about the mill.
    • Do not wear loose fitting clothing or dangling jewelry in the operating areas of the mill.
    • Report all incidents, injuries, near misses, unsafe conditions, contamination of product and/or unsafe equipment.
    • Know the location of exits and follow the guidance of your SCT escort in case of an emergency.
    • Do not eat, drink, chew gum or tobacco, spit or use any medication unless in the office area, control rooms, maintenance shop or break areas.
    • Wash your hands upon entering facility and after eating, using the washroom, blowing your nose, or any other means by which your hands may become contaminated.
    • Do not bring glass or brittle plastic items into the production or warehouse roll storage area.
    • Do not leave unscreened doors or windows open.
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