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QualPro Inc conducts MVT® process training at St Croix Tissue

Baileyville, Maine – In keeping with one of their core business principles of continuous improvement, St Croix Tissue has hired QualPro, Inc. to train 25 of its team members in their unique MVT® process.  This training involves two full weeks of learning about and how to apply the MVT® Process for improvement projects at the St Croix Tissue facility. QualPro’s MVT® Process innovatively employs multi-variate testing to evaluate numerous improvement ideas in a quick, cost-free manner. 

Week one of learning the statistical portions of the process and selecting initial improvement projects is complete.  Team members at SCT will now spend time assembling the data and developing measurement systems  in preparation for week two of training in early March.  That week will include experiment design, execution and analysis.

Since 1982, QualPro has used their MVT® Process to help organizations achieve major performance improvements. They have successfully executed over 17,000 MVT® projects in almost every major industry.  Additionally, QualPro provides a level of technical expertise and real-world experience that ensures their clients’ MVT® projects are conducted successfully. More information can be found at:

St Croix Tissue is a state of the art tissue paper manufacturing company in Baileyville, Maine.   The facility produces a full range of products for the growing national and international tissue markets, including paper napkins, paper towels, bathroom tissue and facial tissue with two new machine lines that were completed in 2016.  St Croix Tissue has a manufacturing capacity of 120,000 tons of tissue per year.