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St. Croix Tissue and Woodland Pulp Employees to Receive Free Toilet Tissue This Week

Baileyville, ME – There has been an unusual sighting in the warehouse at St. Croix Tissue this week.  Pallets of retail Fiora® toilet tissue are stacked up next to the usual jumbo tissue rolls in the warehouse.  Jumbo tissue rolls weighing between 1 and 2 tons each are shipped out of the warehouse each day, but the small rolls we all buy at the store are created from these jumbo rolls elsewhere.  The small retail rolls are never usually seen in the SCT warehouse. 

As it became evident that toilet paper was becoming a scarce commodity for anyone to purchase in local stores, senior management jumped into action with a creative idea.  The stress of the pandemic has been hard for everyone, including Woodland Pulp and St. Croix Tissue employees, and this was one thing the company could provide in a time of need.  With the help of purchasing and logistics personnel at the mill, an entire trailer truckload of retail Fiora® toilet tissue rolls was brought up from the converting facility in Virginia where most of the mill’s large jumbo rolls get shipped and made into toilet tissue, kitchen towel or facial tissues.  This week, each employee of St. Croix Tissue and Woodland Pulp will receive 24 rolls of toilet tissue at a designated pickup site in the parking lot of the mill.  It  is one less thing these employees need to worry about as they continue to work hard each day during this pandemic to manufacture quality pulp and tissue.  

Workers at the mill continue to work 24 hours/day, 7 days a week to make sure toilet tissue gets supplied to the worldwide market while implementing several new measures for the hygiene and safety of both employees and the tissue.

Want in on this giveaway?  Watch St. Croix Tissue’s Facebook page this week for a chance to win a 24 pack for your family!