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St Croix Tissue, Inc. Makes Moves to Start the New Year With a Smaller Carbon Footprint

The new year is a time for making resolutions to do better in the coming year, and in the spirit of continuous improvement, St Croix Tissue Inc. is starting off 2021 by shrinking its carbon footprint.  The majority of its propane powered fork truck fleet have been replaced with electric powered fork trucks.  Pictured here, not only will these new fork trucks decrease greenhouse gas emissions but they have added safety features for St. Croix’s employees.  The new fork trucks are more quiet, reducing occupational noise exposure and they come with side curtain lighting, making it easier for warehouse pedestrians to see where trucks are moving.  

St Croix Tissue is a state of the art tissue paper manufacturing company in Baileyville, Maine.   The facility produces a full range of products for the growing national and international tissue markets, including paper napkins, paper towels, bathroom tissue and facial tissue with two new machine lines that were completed in 2016.  St Croix Tissue has a manufacturing capacity of 120,000 tons of tissue per year and is always working to continuously improve its operation.