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St Croix Tissue, Inc Receives Approval for Install of Paprima Industries’ Reel-Jet system For Both Tissue Machines in Baileyville

Early in the month, St Croix Tissue, Inc received approval for the purchase and install of Paprima Industries’ Reel-Jettm system for both of its tissue machines.  This represents a $1.1 million investment in the Baileyville facility.  This new equipment will improve the machine turn ups as each large roll of tissue is completed on machine and kicked out to let another roll begin winding.   The current turn up systems at the mill have been identified as a frequent cause of machine downtime, require intensive housekeeping and are a recurrent source of customer complaints due to the amount of glue they utilize.   Paprima’s Reel-Jettm system provides the highest turn up efficiency in the market.  It uses a water jet and symmetrically cuts the tissue for a more hygienic and less waste inducing method.  Current projections expect the project to be fully installed and operational by Q4 of 2021 and to pay itself off in under 3 years.

Paprima Industries is a prominent Canadian company with over 30 years of experience.  They are the world leader of High Pressure Water-Jet Technology, mainly for the Pulp and Paper Industry. Paprima has the largest installed base of water-jet technology products with over 600 systems installed worldwide. They attribute their success to ongoing research and development of new products merged with process knowledge and improvements of existing products. Paprima has a dedicated technical service team that will provide installation supervision, start up, commissioning, optimization, training and aftermarket services. To see a video of how the new turn up system works, please click on the link below.

St Croix Tissue is a state of the art tissue paper manufacturing company in Baileyville, Maine.   The facility produces a full range of products for the growing national and international tissue markets, including paper napkins, paper towels, bathroom tissue and facial tissue with two new machine lines that were completed in 2016.  St Croix Tissue has a manufacturing capacity of 120,000 tons of tissue per year. 

“We are encouraged by the continued commitment to invest financially in our facility to continually improve our process and products.  Paprima’s Reel-Jettm  system installation is another step in our drive towards continuous improvement and in operating and maintaining our modern assets for long-term success.” – Marty Richard, St Croix Tissue Mill Manager

Reel-Jet™ S on hygiene grades from Paprima Industries on Vimeo.