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University of Maine Pulp and Paper Foundation Career Exploration Seminar for Local High School Students Hosted by St Croix Tissue & Woodland Pulp

On Friday October 13th, students from Calais High School, Washington Academy and Hodgdon High School travelled to St Croix Tissue and Woodland Pulp for a Career Exploration Seminar delivered by the University of Maine Pulp and Paper Foundation (UMPPF) and hosted by the mill site.  

At the event, students were given an overview of the different types of engineering offered at UMaine, what skillsets apply to that discipline of engineering, entry level job and pay opportunities for engineers and real world career path examples.  Students also learned about the scholarship and intern opportunities available to students through the UMPPF.  Then St Croix Tissue and Woodland Pulp engineers introduced students to the processes in operation and career paths available at the Baileyville site and students received a tour of the facility.  The morning ended with students having a question and answer lunch in small groups with mill engineers.

The University of Maine Pulp and Paper Foundation supports aspiring engineers studying at the University of Maine who are interested in pursuing careers in the paper industry.  Through financial assistance, networking opportunities, and expert guidance and support throughout their academic careers, each student graduates with a competitive advantage and 100% job placement.  

The pulp and paper industry needs energetic, bright people to help solve challenging business and technical problems and to provide innovative ideas for future success.  Woodland Pulp and St Croix Tissue are proud supporters of the UMPPF and their work to help supply well-trained and essential engineers in our industry. Know a student who might want to study engineering and could use this support?  Learn more at the University of Maine Pulp and Paper Foundation’s website, .